Laptop Repair

Having issues with your laptop? Whether it's removing viruses, replacing hardware, repairing the touch screen, or reinstalling software, we can help! Most repairs are completed within 24 hours.

All-in-One Repair

All in One repair.

Broken new all in one and worried there is no one to fix it? We got you covered, we work on and repair all in one workstations and desktop PCs.

Desktop Repair

Is your iMac booting up to a blinking folder and worried about data loss or corruption? Don't worry, we can resolve all software and hardware issues.

 Screen Repair

Broken LCD screen or glass? Damaged or cracked plastics? Blank or black screen? We can replace the glass or LCD on any brand or model of laptop or desktop.

 Memory/RAM Upgrade

Unlock your computer's power with a memory upgrade. Is your computer bogging down after opening a few applications? We offer memory upgrades for every type of PC.

 Hard Drive Replacement/Upgrades

We can replace and/or upgrade all models of your computers internal hard drive. Looking for a Solid State Hard Drive upgrade? We got you covered.

 Hardware Replacement/Repair

We can repair most hardware issues on all models of computers. Overheating issues, power supply replacement, Mother Board replacement/repair, just to name a few.

 Software Issues/Corruption

Is Windows 10 stuck at the spinning circle screen? Will your computer not boot up at all? We have you covered, we can resolve any software issues.

 File or Data Loss

Need to implement a backup plan? Worried you may have lost your family photos or important work documents? Don't worry, we can recover almost anything, just give us a call.