Mobile Phone Repair

Information may be retrieved from a broken device in different ways. Say a device has as broken screen, but you do not want to fix the phone because you just need your data. We would perform data recovery on the device.
This is a tough question to answer, mainly because there are many different types of phones. The easiest way to tackle this would be to use a blue tooth device. Although this is not possible if you do not have a blue tooth device already setup.
Bluetooth devices will need to be paired with the phone. To pair your phone and the Bluetooth device you may need to refer to the manual. If you do not have this you can find Bluetooth in settings. From there you would need to select your Bluetooth device and select pair.

Tablet or iPad Repair

Cracked iPads are pretty common, mainly because a lot of people have one. We can repair these within an hour, on the same day.
If you have an iPhone 5 or newer, the answer is yes. The iPhone 4 and 4s will not run well with the new iOS.
Yes, we have colors in both black and white. You must let us know at the time of installation.

MAC or PC Repair

The short answer is probably not. Although there are some viruses that will encrypt your data and render it useless. Best thing to do if you have a virus is to call or come into the office and let our technicians take care of it. After all virus removal is only $85.00. We also warranty our work for 90 days.
Compressed air is best suited for this task. The best way to clean the fan is by taking the computer apart and removing the fan for cleaning.
There are two answers to this question, yes and no. It all depends on the type of keyboard you have at home. Some keyboard keys are designed to be removed and cleaned. Some keyboards are not. If you are unsure which category your keyboard falls under, contact us!
Yes. Solid state hard drives give you extremely better reliability. Bench marks do not lie. Replacing your hard drive with a SSD is the single most performance increase you can do to your PC or Mac.

Home and Business Networking

First you want to start with the basics. Is the Ethernet cable plugged in? If you are on wireless, are you connected to the wireless network? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you need may need to reboot your router. You can accomplish this by unplugging it for 15 seconds and then plugging it back in.
A static IP address is an assigned IP address from your internet service provider.
This is a tricky question. Speeds will depend on the router and the computer connected to it. Most of the time the answer is yes.
First you should look at your needs. Where you are at now and where you would like to be. After that is determined you then can make a decision on what equipment will be acceptable for your needs.